Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ed Wins!

Okay first the good news: Arsenal, Chelsea and Spuds all lost today - woo hoo! Now the bad news, it's Ed!

How did this happen? Well it happened I suppose because of the voting system employed by the Labour Party which has been loosely based on the system used in the Eurovision Song Contest and the selection process favoured by East Germany Olympic committee during the Cold War years. This wasn't supposed to happen surely? How can the party move forward and escape the Blair/Brown years and find itself stepping through the Time Tunnel and engaging a leader who is in hoc to Unite?

We've seen some duff unelectable leaders over the years: Michael Foot, Michael Howard, Ian Duncan Smith, Billy the Kid but come on, this is the Labour party's Rafa Benitez moment. I can't decide if that hysterical laughter I can hear is the ghost of Keir Hardie or the Conservative party faithful greeting the election of the new leader of the opposition. Although on that subject I suppose it's good that the House of Commons does finally have a credible leader of the opposition at last.

Politics eh, bloody hell!


Span Ows said...

Welcome back...I agree re Ed, not sure wheher to laugh or be honest anyone joining a political party when they are 17 years old(and still being in it) is clearly NOT FIT to be in it, let alone lead it!

Arsenal was my fault...I cheered at the Chelsea result and at half time was laughing at Spuds and Liverpool...D'oh.

Paul said...

Well I've posted my initial thoughts but I'll give him time.

Les Paul Junior said...

When did William Hague join the Conservative Party?

As for Sunderland..... rumours abound concerning compulsory drug tests after the last two results! Still, Man U at home next weekend: that should bring some reality!!!!

Les Paul Junior said...


Paul, who would you have voted for?

The other thing is that trade union members will, more than likely, suffer greatly from the cuts that the coalition will impose.

Paul said...

I would have voted for David to be honest Shy, although I wanted Yvette Cooper to stand.

You're right about the Unions and their members, it could be an interesting few months ahead.

Span Ows said... Hague...I consider myself well and truly slapped down! perfect example.

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