Sunday, February 05, 2012

Now come on, surely you can see the likeness

I love this story from the Irish city of Kilkenny. Apparently an Irish based film company were given four tickets for the Oscars and decided to run a competition for a George Clooney look-a-like, the winner being given a ticket for the show. Well no wonder one of the main thoroughfares is called Maudlin Street because if it wasn't for the crying they'd be crying with laughter at the winner.

It's not David Glendon's fault he won, although you do have to wonder at the man's vanity to put himself forward in such a competition! I have to say though that the good old Irish sense of humour and fair play has shone through in some of the local reactions:

One said: "We were wondering what criteria were you using to judge the competition because although he's a good looking man, he doesn't look a whole lot like George Clooney."

Another wrote: "What criteria was used? Possibly just one? That he be male and have hair ?".

I can't help thinking that being male and having hair is two criteria myself but that's splitting hairs really isn't it. Anyway here's the man himself with his Irish doppelganger, the real George is not the one on the left by the way in case you aren't sure.

I'm sure I've told the story before but I can't find it on my blog using the search facility of how I was stopped many years ago by two lads with autograph books after a football match and asked to sign for them. When I asked who they thought I was they said Pele, no they didn't they said Leighton James. I was quite flattered at the time, must have been the long ginger hair, but I quickly dispelled any notion of celebrity and moved on.

                                         The Welsh Pele - apparently


Span Ows said...

LOL! Maybe the Clooney guy just needs to look from a certain angle.


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