Sunday, October 07, 2012

Unleash the hounds of.....William Hague

Nearly two and a half years into the Coalition and David Cameron must feel like Mo Farah did in the final of the 5,000 metres, nobody around him seems to be really trying and yet they are managing to stay ahead of him, well perhaps the times are about to change.

All the pre-party Conference polls weren't doing the Conservative's any favours, David Cameron's negative rating being higher than that of the opposition leader and the poll of polls showing that if translated into GE seats Labour would be an incredible 112 seats ahead. Well today the Conservative's launched their secret (or not so secret) weapon, William Hague, who, in the way of conferences, made everybody in Birmingham feel a whole lot better about themselves by denouncing the Labour party's future plans.

William Hague addresses the faithful

It's easy to be sceptical about the conference 'season' because they are like a series of big exclusive coffee mornings where only those with tickets (or lanyards) can gain access. They are a political Now That's What I Call Music where you dislike some of the tracks, like quite a lot of them and think a few are the dogs bollocks - I mean even UKIP sound good this time of year and not just a bunch of anti-European nutters.

Hague always sounds good, it's just the way he looks that puts people off and his 'Labour won't change' schtick was what you would expect, but at this time of year it is guaranteed to get some headlines and news coverage. The crucial thing though, and I find this a source of endless frustration, is that nobody in the Conservative party seems to be telling us what they will do should May 2015 bring forth a Conservative Government.

It's easy to keep saying that Ed (Milliband or Balls) is Gordon v2.0 but the only other news emerging from the conference today and seeing the bright lights of Birmingham were David Cameron's comments that there would be more welfare cuts to come and no increases in tax for the well-off, this doesn't seem to me to be the best way of getting that elusive second gold medal.


Span Ows said...

big exclusive coffee mornings...that's IT! :-)

Old Haguey is good isn't he, I've not been wonderfully impressed with the FO lately but he is doing a fine job (even if I disagree with the way the Syria and Egypt hooha has gone).

Indeed, to be honest they aren't telling us much about 2015 but also we aren't being told much NOW about what they have DONE etc, now this is the media but it is also VERY POOR media management/relations/something.

Do you think they believe they'll WIN in 2015? :-)

Paul said...

I think Syria has been a disaster but a lot of that is down to the Russians.

Media management has been very poor really, I think Clegg and Cable are more media savvy, which is a shame because when they were in opposition I thought GO was good, I also like Phil Hammond.

2015 is a long way off in terms of policy decisions, I think everybody is just hoping the economy will start to grow next year, if it does I think it will help the Conservatives. All that said looking over at The Spectator today nobody seems impressed by the European speech Willy gave today.

Span Ows said...

Most comments there would rather be out (Better Off Out) and don't forgive "cast iron Dave" nor Hague re EU...I do believe I'm of the same opinion too but don't blame DC for the 'cast iron' bit (he did have caveats)

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