Thursday, December 13, 2012

51 weeks and 3 days

It's the little things isn't it? I've managed to look after my company car's MOT certificatete for 51 weeks but within three days of handing over to the person responsible for renewing my road fund licence it has been 'lost'.

"Never mind," he says, "you're having the car MOT'd on Friday, we can use the new certificate to get the car taxed."

Only after it has been copied in triplicate and one copy has been locked in a secure vault five miles beneath the earth's surface!


Span Ows said...

LOL, sounds dodgy, investigate him.

btw, seen the Copa Americana news? Unbelievable:

Tigre's refusal to play the second half of the Copa Sudamericana final's second leg after accusing police of pointing a gun at their goalkeeper and attacking them in the dressing room during halftime resulted in Sao Paulo being awarded the trophy. With Sao Paulo leading 2-0 at home, there was a scuffle at the end of the first half in which the police intervened (video below). From there, the Argentines say the cops made things worse by attacking them.

Paul said...


I'm glad you dropped by because I've had trouble getting on your page since the weekend. Thought your post on the census was very good but couldn't leave a comment.

Span Ows said...

Thanks for the heads-up, I did change the layout a bit (put a labels cloud in side-bar etc) so maybe that cocked something up: I had comments on a pop-up page but I have changed them to full page (as yours is now) and it seems to work.

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