Thursday, February 14, 2013

The mysteries of Twitter

I don't have a Twitter account. I have enough problems maintaining my blog and Flickr accounts without wanting to publish more inane thoughts, most of which seem to be along the lines of the 'I'm on the train' mobile phone type calls.

I do actually want to do more writing and photography this year and the former should really have come to the fore with the recent bad weather that has prevented much of the latter, unfortunately my ongoing arm problems has meant that having spent most of the day on the computer at work the last thing I am physically capable of doing when I get home is more typing.

Anyway enough of my problems.

Nathalie is a prolific twitter and we have an almost nightly ritual of me asking her at around 8 p.m what are the subjects that are 'trending' - anyway one of her followers is a well known actor (I won't name names publicly except to say he appears in one of the BBC's top rated dramas) and she reciprocates by following him. They were having an online discussion the other night and half way through they were joined by two other followers of the actor and the conversation seemed to go from social to socially inept. I said to Nathalie "stop annoying the poor man and leave him alone," she actually tweets this! Back comes the reply, "Tell your Dad you're not bothering me and say Hi."

Now how is that for undermining parental control? The really weird thing is that when she read out the message I could hear it in the character for which he is best known's voice.

Anyway come Tuesday morning and Nathalie shows me her mobile phone screen on which is her twitter account and a message which says "Happy Birthday Sir." I have a grin from ear to ear, it's the simple things in life and I've fallen for a message from an actor I only know by proxy - how sad am I?


Span Ows said...

LOL! Belated Happy Birthday by the way and I wish you wouldn't keep putting a week's posts up at once!

...and just to put a downer on it, careful she's not being groomed!

Paul said...

Sorry - meant to post earlier (as written) but just didn't get round to it.

Thanks for the birthday wishes and I agree with the downer, that was something that I thought of too.

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