Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Normal service is resumed

Barcelona win, Villa scores, panic, what panic?  The one thing that stood out last night during the , record breaking, 4-0 home win over Milan wasn't the sublime finishing, or the neat tika-taka passing but the fact that the front three were closing down the opposition just like the good old days, well last November at any rate.

There can't have been many matches in the history of football let alone the Champions League where the opposition didn't actually complete a pass in their opponents half during the first seven minutes of the match - as Clive Tyldesley put in on ITV the grass was growing in one half of the pitch must faster than the other.

Back on 20th December I posted my predictions for the Round of 16, so now that they have all been played its time to check the scores on the doors:

Galatasary v Schalke - I said Schalke and was wrong
Celtic v Juventus       - I said Juve and was right
Arsenal v Bayern       - I said Bayern and was right
Dortmund v Shaktar  - I said Dortmund and was right
Milan v Barcelona     - I said Barcelona and was right
Real Madrid v Man U - I said Man U and was wrong
Valencia v PSG         - I said PSG and I was right
Porto v Malaga         - I said Porto and was wrong

5/8 - could do better.


Span Ows said...

I'm sure I said Real would win so that's 6/8 for me...hahahahaha (OK, I just agreed with your very good synopsis and predictions except the Manure/RM one).

I wondered why Milan, playing the best team in the world decided to pass it to them at every opportunity they got; they did their homework too, most of the times Milan passed to Barcelona was just in front of the box where 90% of Messi's goals come from.

Paul said...

I think Milan should have brought their own ball - mind you they could have won it at one point.

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