Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So what is everybody doing?

I know that this is last weeks news, and apologies for the BBC link but other sites carrying the story and accompanying stats seem to be fly paper for pop-ups. What has actually struck me over the past week is how traffic is down on many sites.

I know the BBC sports pages are subject to variation due to end of season events, the cricket/football/rugby overlap - although obviously the men's version of rugby is a summer sport played between ugly bastards with northern accents, but looking around other sites there is a definite lack of action. Not just the various political affiliated sites but general interest sites as well, the numbers commenting on issues has fallen.

One of reports I was reading in connection with usage in this country, and mentioned in one paragraph on the BBC link, stated that we have actually reached saturation point for the 16-24 age group, the sheer number of 'devices' available means that 99.9% of that age group is on line.

According to the ONS overall access is up year on year, but given that we know more women use the Internet than men and that a huge swathe of businesses have no Internet presence (our soon to be, possibly but who knows, new colleagues from London don't have a website) who is doing what exactly?


A Northern Bloke said...

"A huge swathe of businesses have no internet presence". I can't help wondering why that is.

I'll bet some actually think they don't need one while others are a bit too technophobic.

It is difficult, though, to imagine any business without a website, even if it's just the small "business card" type.

Span Ows said...

"A huge swathe of businesses have no internet presence"

Shy, I suspect this is new-starts etc or small businesses/one-man-bands who have enough work (contract gardeners etc) but for nay 'normal' business that need to attract 'punters' then those without internet presence are barmy.

Really interesting though as I have been wondering recently why the level of traffic seemed light (glad I wasn't paranoid and it seems it is the case)

Looking at those gov stats it shows 65% of over 75s have never used the internet so clearly the usage stats will go up and up over time.

Paul said...

Span is right that it is mainly new businesses but quite a few medium size businesses do have very basic sites with no buying facility - fraud being the main concern.

Bob who used to work with us didn't have internet at home, wouldn't use it at work and didn't have a mobile phone - the same applies to my parents and my mother in law.

No, it's not just you Span, looking at sites like Guido or biasedBBC or The Spectator you can see numbers of comments are down - even comments on newspaper sites seem to be down, perhaps we are all drifting along.

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