Wednesday, September 25, 2013

10 Weeks!

It's starting to get me down. The fact that it's starting to get me down has been noticed. Irritable, short tempered, depressed, lethargic, sure signs that something is wrong. It's ten weeks since I had the operation on my neck and whilst I am making good progress the fact that I have been wearing a plastic on my neck 24/7 for the past ten weeks is starting to have an impact on me - and not in a good way. As I said to the nurse this morning, "If I had suffered a broken arm or leg I would have been out of plaster weeks ago," to which she replied, "The only good thing is that you know it will get better."

On Monday I returned to the hospital for my ten week check up and the consultant told me I wouldn't have to go back again unless anything goes wrong in future - which I suppose is reassuring!  


Span Ows said...

Chin up!...or can you do that? ;-)

by the way...on your neck... a plastic bag? Plastic bucket? Plastic surgeon? Plastic mini Statue of Liberty?

Paul said...

Thanks - that made me laugh!

On my neck is a bandage/plaster combo that makes a noise everytime I move my head and is seriously getting annoying.

Thanks for all you comments, much appreciated. Work is hectic at the moment I see to start several posts and have to wait days to finish them.

Span Ows said...

You're welcome; enjoy reading them. It's amusing, I check most times I go to my own blog and more often than not there's nothing for several days/week then 3 or 4 posts at once...

Paul said...

I know I'm having to play catch up at the moment - terrible about the Titanic wasn't it?

(sorry, old Tommy Cooper joke about dentist waiting room magazines)