Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's a God awful small affair

When I read the headline 'Bob Geldof blasts into space' I cheered inwaradly believing that this was the story of the first manned flight to Mars, you know the one from which you can never return - mind you they used to say that about Portsmouth and now the place is littered with 'Out of City' roadsigns making it the least friendly city south of Glasgow.

Anyway Bob isn't going to Mars he's just joining afew other rich celebs in blasting off on a jolly from the Caribbean. Good news for Bob though is that Doutzen Kroes will be joining him, and the other guests, for the flight.

Ms Kroes comes from the Dutch village of Eastermar, a Friesland village so small and beautifully formed that it has less than 1,600 residents. Given that her contract with L'Oreal enabled her to earn around $7 million last year I would think she could probably pay for the whole of her home town to blast off beyond the Earth's outer limits. She is also one of Victoria's Secrets 'Angels' and you have to hope she is wearing something a more heat resistant on the Lynx X2 Spacecraft than in the photograph above. It will cost her, and the other guests, around £64,000 for the 100km journey above Curacao courtesy of the snappily named Space Expedition Corporation.

Meanwhile over at Mars One, by coincidence a Dutch organisation that is seeking volunteers to go to Mars and stay there, some 8,500 Brits have applied for the journey of a lifetime. The preparation will involve reducing the number of applicants down to four and then putting them through seven years training and the lift off will make the tears cried by the audience at the end of Armageddon look like small beer by comparison .