Saturday, September 21, 2013

You have to give this man respect

Brian Holloway isn't a man I would want to mess with. He was an offensive lineman for both the (New England) Patriots and the (Los Angeles) Raiders in a seven year career during the eighties which featured three appearances in the Pro Bowl.

 During the public holiday weekend of 31 August (Labour Day) Holloway was relaxing in his second home down in Florida when his son caught wind of something happening in their home in the New York State. What happened next sounds like something out of a nightmare, Holloway actually watched on the Internet as his home was destroyed by a group of teenagers.

When the Ex-NFL players made it back to his home he discovered damage to his property estimated at $20,000. Now Brian Holloway , having presumably calmed down a little, decided that he would post the photographs that these herberts had boastingly posted on Twitter and see if the perps. could be identified, not because he was seeking retribution but because he wants to try and help educate them. No, this isn't a euphemism, as the link shows Holloway is now a successful motivational speaker, and having watched him being interviewed on Fox News I can honestly say that he is a man who believes that everybody can be taught the error of their ways and pointed down the correct fork in the road.

What is sad however is that a number of the parents whose little darlings have been named and shamed are now threatening to sue him for having the common sense to actually copy their photographs, some of which were sent to him by mobile phone. They see it as an infringement of their liberties, how can this be right? Well it can't can it. Holloway comes across as an intensely proud man, somebody who has faith in his fellow man. When one of the miscreants did show up at his house to apologise and help with the cleaning up Holloway shook his hand and told him that him being there showed him (Holloway) that everything the young man had been taught by his parents hadn't been forgotten. The rather excited news reader on Fox News gushed that 'he's the sort of person we want to work for us' - believing that cure is somewhat better than prevention, personally I'd want to employ one of those who were invited and didn't turn up but each to their own and there is nothing wrong with a little rehabilitation.

So good luck to Brian Holloway in his quest to show those who invaded his privacy the error of their ways and a pox on the houses of those parents who think that trespassing on private property is something that should be kept personal and away from public judgement.


Span Ows said...

help me save 300 is the website via that ibtimes link... thing he means to 'do a Spartan'? :-)

I would

Paul said...

I don't think you would be alone in thinking that. I think he has a great deal of belief in his own ability to see good in everybody.

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