Monday, November 04, 2013

Life's Like That


It's the first day of the 'darkness', the first drive home from work in the dark, actually that's not too bad given that it is still light in the mornings.

Anyway I'm driving home along the dual carriageway and can see Venus dead ahead, this isn't unusual as quite often you can see Venus and Mercury in the sky when it's clear and at certain times of the year and given good clear overhead skies you can pick out other celestial bodies without too much effort. Anyway driving along feeling quite pleased with myself when all of a sudden 'Venus' moves, it's a police helicopter!

I wasn't the only one suffering a DOH! moment today. For the last two weeks we have had the decorators in at work, they've been working on the first floor so we've had to move around like a band of gypsies with a penchant for accountancy. Came in to work today after having had Friday off and discovered that my windows had been painted closed. So stuck were they that when the decorator turned up he had to use a hammer and chisel from the outside of the building to free not only my window but others that had suffered the same gloss treatment. Now we are all capable of making mistakes but this guy is a part-time fireman and I'm not keen on being the subject of income for both his employments!

One of the new London bosses thinks I have been offended by him which couldn't be further from the truth he's one of the most likeable people I have met. Very much a people person, only downside from my point of view, is that he is absolutely cash driven - money is his God as one of my old Nan's would say. Anyway he comes to us on a Friday and then Monday morning - I've managed to avoid him for the last three Friday's and he's beginning to think it's personal, this comes after I told him I'm not interested on attending a Christmas 'do'.  I've even been asked by a female colleague if I could go to the 'do' just for her -sexual bribery eh, it's like being in the 1970's again minus the flares and the hair.

Tuesday morning update: I mentioned the 'Venus' sighting to a colleague who told me she had been travelling along the same piece of road a few minutes later and thought the light was the Northern Star - this despite, in her own words, having no idea what the star looked like or where north was!


Span Ows said...

I try to avoid Christmas 'dos' as well. Not sure I avoid any colleagues, at least not consciously!

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