Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year

I always feel safer in a year that ends in an even number, there's something about those years that end with odd numbers that make me slightly wary.

Anyway Happy New Year to everybody reading this, thanks Span for all your support last year (as in every year since about 2006) appreciated as always and to all those people who have commented (Shy and Gildy) and those who have passed through leaving only an electronic footprint (scary huh!).

So what lies ahead in 2014, well we don't know do we that is what waking up each day is all about, putting a smile on your face and going out to face the world, greeting those smiles (both sincere and insincere) with the same grace and goodwill and then flipping the bird at those who you know are bullshitting you - word of caution don't do this to your boss, you know he's been on one of those 'motivational courses' where they listened to 'Imagine', practised team work by falling backwards into the arms of people they had never met before and were then promised (in return for their £250 one-off special fee) that they would learn the secrets of the universe. Personally I would like to see the end of bullshit in every walk of life, and end to what I call the 'Chinese Fortune Cookie' way of life management - it genuinely freaks me out that there are twice the number of life coaches in the UK than there are trained doctors, 'specialists' who are not subjected to any independent standards or professional ethics who seem to believe that misquoting ancient eastern religions and philosophies somehow makes them better in tune with your needs and wants. I'd also like to see the end of cynicism but I'm too old to break the habit despite being a naturally optimistic and cynic free zone.

We have some big anniversaries coming up this year, not least of all being the commemoration (not celebration) of the start of the Great War. I have a horrible feeling (oh dear the cynic in me has awakened) that the fields, villages and towns of the Western Front could be turned into a giant theme park if people aren't careful, it will also of course be the 75th anniversary of the start of World War Two.

This is also the year when we shall celebrate the birthdays of  Christopher Marlowe (450th), William Shakespeare (450th), Marquis De Sade (200th) and July 10th will see the 50th anniversary of the release of the Beatles album A Hard Days Night an album that changed pop music in a way few would have imagined possible only a couple of years earlier. Oh and it's the 50th anniversary of West Ham winning the FA Cup for the first time, sorry Shy, beating Preston in the final.

Whatever lies ahead I hope that good health and good fortune (in whatever way that manifests itself) are with you and your families.


Span Ows said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for the thanks (OK, that sounds so silly)

"Life coaches", I've known a few over the years and can never get away from the conclusion that everyone involved (except the coach and the boss paying the bill) is just happy for a day or two faffing about having a laugh.

Funny, I feel the same way about odd numbered years and good to sees o many round-numbered anniversaries (of course 75 counts as a round number in this sense???)

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