Thursday, January 05, 2012

What's the weather like where you are?

How bizarre is this weather at the moment. One minute it's blowing a gale the next it's brilliant sunshine, then you have the rain and then a little while later all three are combined creating some sort of maelstrom where you need to be aware of falling masonry whilst wearing factor ten sunblock. At one point yesterday morning I couldn't actually see across the road from my office window because the rain was so dense - not sure what the meteorological term for thick rain is but this was thick rain, almost porridge like.

Now as I write this there is the most brilliant sunset to the south west and all the Marcel Marceau impersonators have gone indoors to watch Countdown or Noel Edmonds or whatever it is that passes for afternoon entertainment.

Talking of entertainment how good was Eddie Izzard in Treasure Island? I know he's not everybody's cup of tea when he's wearing a frock but chop off one of his legs and send him to Costa Rica and he is in his element. It's okay I know he is still bipedal and that his leg was 'removed' using a computer but he still hopped around with a mixture of menace and bonhomie for four hours over the weekend.

Talking of animals with two legs moving with menace the boy Rooney is going through one of those phases again isn't he. If his season starts to fall apart then so will United's, you can see them losing to City in the FA Cup this weekend and then falling further behind in the title race possibly surrendering second place to Spuds. 

Oh and congratulations to Michael Clarke on making the first Test triple century at the Sydney Cricket Ground as Australia continued to dominate the second Test against India. He scored an unbeaten 329, the fourth highest score by an Australian and the 14th highest in history. What was truly impressive though was the fact that he declared just five runs short of equalling Mark Taylor's score of 334 which is the second highest score by an Australian and the highest score against a 'proper' side, the Matthew Hayden score of 380 was scored against Zimbabwe and you have to discount that really.

Oh and finally, and mock me if you wish, but Rebecca Adlington on Sky News this morning. Is it me or is she blossoming into a very attractive young woman. There you go, weather, TV, sport and sexism - 2012, just like 2011 but more so.


A Northern Bloke said...

We've had high winds with occassional rain for a few days but things seem to be settling down now.

Span Ows said...

same-ish, wind rain sun, and cold.

Eddy Izzard is alright if you ignore the politics, he is also the voice of a mouse in Narnia and the billionaire villain in Cars 2 (I pretend I have to watch with my daughter)

Man U...haha (except spuds doing well), who cares.
Rebecca...yes, and fit! you know, for the pool!

A Northern Bloke said...

Span, did you forget to mention the breast stroke?

Span Ows said...

HOW did I not say that! :-)

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