Sunday, December 09, 2012

The things people say

Jamie Redknapp gets an awful lot of flak from football supporters because of his inane comments but today when commenting on the Manchester derby he pulled one of his best ever out of his metaphorical hat. As he watched the replay of Robin van Persie's shot hitting the post beyond Joe Hart's flying left hand he said, "That was going in the top corner."

No Jamie it was hitting the post.


Two stories from recent photo shoots. Had a shoot a little while ago with a lovely model who is studying at Plymouth Uni to be a marine biologist, as I have said before you meet all sorts in a studio, and we were doing a fashion based shoot. "It's so good to be keeping my clothes on," she said, "most of the time I'm doing nude work and it's all 'fanny, fanny, fanny."

Ho hum.

Yesterday I had a shoot which was a mixture of fashion and lingerie and I wanted to recreate a photo I has seen in the Sunday Times 'Style' magazine a couple of weeks ago. The original featured a young model sat on the floor with a jumper and trainers on, no jeans but her knickers clearly visible. I went through the shot with the model, suggested how we could do it without having to move the lighting set-up and I thought that was that. "Great," she said, "Do you want me to wear knickers or not?"

Of course, the Sunday Times is famous for its knickerless models!

"To be honest," I replied, "I can't actually think of any circumstances where I could ask you to model in just a jumper and trainers."


A Northern Bloke said...

Does this mean that there'll soon be a new set of photos to look at on Flickr?

Hope so!

Paul said...

Calm down!

Span Ows said...

Do you need an assistant?

Anyway, all this fanny talk, I always wondered what the F stop was for on the old SLRs.

Paul said...

Very good Span - no I don't need an assistant at the moment thanks.

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