Wednesday, February 06, 2013

It's a walkover

Well it looks as if we only have one suitor for the practice and that one suitor is keen to buy us and welcome us into their small part of accountancy land - makes us sound like an out of town unit above DFS. There are a lot of things to be sorted out before any announcement of the proposed wedding will take place but having spent some time last week checking out the in-laws and relatives it looks as if we have reached the financial stages fairly quickly.

Our new lord and masters (if it goes through) are based in London but first signs seem to be that they will be willing to let us continue as an outpost of their empire rather than making us simply their south coast office. I did play a rather cruel hoax on one particular annoying member of my team by convincing her that part of the sale agreement involved a six month secondment (for her) to London - I know it's wrong but we are talking about somebody who won't leave their desk at lunchtime in case she comes back and finds we've changed her volcanoes of Iceland screen saver.

You would think that with all the information to hand these days in an office that putting together details of clients, business types, fees etc would be easy but it still took a colleague and myself two days - two full days - to bring all the data together in presentable form.

The next week or so should see things move on one way or another.


A Northern Bloke said...

Are there going to be any redundancies or anything like that? Hope not.

Paul said...

Hi Shy - hope you are well.

There won't be any redundancies but there are some concerns over changes that might take place in the way we work. Having said that if I paid the amount of money that is being paid I wouldn't sit back and let things carry on the way they were before I took over.

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