Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dress Down Failure

Okay so today was supposed to be a dress down day on account of three of our London office visiting to assist us with preparing for next weeks instalment office redecoration. Except it didn't work out as we had thought it would and the 'London three' ended up doing all the work and we tried to carry on working around them.

The problem is that not having arrived dressed for a full days work nobody could quite get the motivation to do any work, strange!

Took me back a few years to a large IT company we used to act for who once a month had a staff meeting where everybody could put forward suggestions to improve the office or generally clear the air over any perceived issues, the idea being that it was better to get them out in the open rather than leave them to fester. Anyway one meeting the majority of the staff requested a dress down day, providing that there weren't any client appointments, and the board agreed and a date was set. The date duly arrived and it didn't quite go the way people had expected, the exchange of formal office wear (smart casual in the case of IT) for informal casual wear had a strange psychological affect on the staff and at the next monthly meeting it was requested that dress down days be discontinued.


Span Ows said...

Interesting and probably scientifically proven several times over...somewhere. Go to work/travel/have a meeting in a suit and tie and you very rarely slouch or 'lounge' (unless it happens to be the morning after a session!) whereas if you do those things in jeans/shorts/T shirt/casual etc your actions, posture sometimes even the way you speak will be different.

Paul said...

That last sentence made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up because I'm convinced I drive differently wearing a suit - perhaps there is less movement or my posture (as you say) is different.