Monday, November 18, 2013

Cheeky Gits!

Just over a week ago I was on a well known film poster site and came across a poster for Kurosawa's film Kagemusha. Now I know it won't be to everybody's taste but something about the poster (above) grabbed my attention straight away and I duly ordered it.  Within a few minutes I received confirmation that my ordered had been received and was being processed, later on that afternoon another e-mail arrived giving me delivery details and a tracking number and then nothing....

The poster should have arrived by last Thursday but you have to give these things some leeway and previous experience suggests that trying to phone a 'helpline' is a waste of time. I think I might have told the tale of a courier company who were supposed to be delivering a Christmas present a couple of years ago but had under estimated the demand at that time of year and didn't have enough drivers. Having contacted the online mail order company I was told that they had received many complaints but to sit tight and wait - this was as it happens a sensible solution.

Anyway back to Kurosawa and I waited and waited, well three more days waiting, and decided to use the tracking facility to try and find out why the poster hadn't arrived. Well, according to the tracking information the poster was delivered last Saturday at 16:45 and signed for. Now given that I was in all day on Saturday from 8:30 onwards (there was the little matter of the England v All Blacks international plus the US F1 qualifying) and Janis was also in from Friday morning onwards there is obviously something wrong somewhere.

I waited until Monday afternoon and then sent off an e-mail to the poster company who replied very apologetically within twenty four hours stating that they would treat the poster as 'lost' - despite it apparently being signed for and a free of charge replacement would be sent out. Time to sit back and wait!

Update: Friday 22nd November - original poster arrives, we know this because the despatch note inside has the original order date and the original posting date on it. Driver leaves in porch, no signature asked for.

Update Update: Wednesday 27th November - receive e-mail telling me that the replacement poster has been dispatched.


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